BUY NOW & PAY IN 2019*


  • Wesbank will extend the customers payment by 60 days from contract inception.
  • Customer must sign a Wesbank contract after the 25th of December.
  • This scheme is only available on the 100 pre-selected vehicles, VIN specific.
  • 6 instalments (which will go of customers bank account from February 2019) need to be reimbursed to the customer by the perspective dealership on day of delivery (all 6 instalments).
  • Customer is responsible for all payments from January 2019 irrespective if he/she has spent the sum of instalments that was reimbursed to them by the dealership.
  • Average instalments are worked on 10% deposit / 72 months / 35% Residual value / 12% interest rate and is the maximum reimbursement to the customer.
  • Boxer instalment is worked on 10% deposit / 72 months / 25% Residual value / 12% interest rate.
  • If the customer opts to go for example – NO DEPOSIT, 60 MONTHS etc and the instalment is higher than the above. The customer should only receive the above rebates which is the maximum.
  • This offer is not in conjunction with any other promotion / scheme deal / graduate finance etc.
  • Insurance on the vehicle needs to be in place from when the customers takes delivery of the vehicle.